Past Presidents of the Highland Town Board of Trustees

1st President
Charles Wirth, 1910-1921

2nd President
Garrett, Krooswyk, 1922-1927

3rd President
Charles Wirth, 1928-1929

4th President
B.I. Weller, 1930-1931

5th President
George Brant, 1932, Jan-Sep, 1933

6th President
B.I. Weller, Sep-Dec, 1933

7th President
Frank A. Thwing, 1934-1939

8th President
Andrew Wagner, 1940-1943

9th President
Thomas Stidham, 1944-1945

10th President
John A. Blom, 1946-1947

11th President
John DeLeeuw, 1948-1950

12th President
Ralph Dunn, 1951

13th President
John Farmer, Jan-Oct 20, 1952

14th President
Robert Ross, Oct 21, 1952-July 1, 1953

15th President
Benjamin Gearhart, July 2, 1953-May 1, 1954

16th President
James Bateman, May 2, 1954-Mar 15, 1955

17th President
Michael Kruglinsky, Mar 16-Dec 1955

18th President
John Farmer, 1956-1959

19th President
Donald R. Adams, 1960-1963

20th President
David Morrow, 1964-1965

21st President
Paul Doherty, 1966-1967

22nd President
George Van Prooyen, 1968

23rd President
Lynn Powell, Jan 20-Dec, 1969

24th President
George Van Prooyen, 1970

25th President
Lynn Powell, 1971

26th President
Chester Napiwocki, 1972

27th President
Robert Engerski, 1973

28th President
Jack Silverman, 1974

29th President
Paul Doherty, 1975

30th President
George Van Til, 1976

31st President
James L. Wieser, 1977

32nd President
Paul Doherty, 1978

33rd President
David Morrow, 1979

34th President
James L. Wieser, 1980

35th President
John Oakley, 1981

36th President
Thurman Ferree, 1982-1983

37th President
Carl Miklusak, 1984

38th President
John Oakley, 1985

39th President
Thurman Ferree, 1986

40th President
Dennis Tobin, 1987

41st President
John Oakley, 1988

42nd President
Dennis Tobin, 1989

43rd President
Dominic Noce, 1990

44th President
Dennis Tobin, 1991

45th President
Lynn R. Powell, 1992

46th President
Lance Ryskamp, 1993

47th President
George Georgeff, 1994-1995

48th President
Dennis Simala, 1996

49th President
Larry Wolendowski, 1997

50th President
Dennis Simala, 1998

51st President
Charles Podgorny, 1999

52nd President
George Georgeff, 2000

53rd President
Mark A. Herak, 2001-2005

54th President
Joseph A. Wszolek, 2006

55th President
Daniel Dernulc, 2007

56th President
Bernie Zemen, 2008

57th President
Dan Vassar, 2009

58th President
Mark Herak, 2010

59th President
Brian Novak, 2011

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