Why Volunteer at a Law Enforcement Agency?
Simple...We Need You!

Since September 11, 2001, the demands on state and local law enforcement have increased dramatically. As a result, the already limited resources of these agencies are being stretched further than ever, at a time when the country needs every available officer out on the beat.

In many jurisdictions around the country, volunteers in the community have offered their time and skills services to law enforcement agencies. These citizen volunteers help supplement and support officers and civilian personnel by allowing them to concentrate on their primary duties. Volunteer roles may include performing clerical tasks, serving as an extra set of "eyes and ears," assisting with search and rescue activities, and writing citations for accessible parking violations.

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Highland Residents Interested in Participating, please call
Corporal Georgeff for further details. (219) 838-3184
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Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) made their debut helping the Highland Police Department in July, after completing training. Pictured are (back, from left) Terry Anderson, Cpl George Georgeff, Tomas Howarth, Carl Moore, Lawrence Sajdera, Larry Benko, Stan Wrobel, Leroy Fassett, Chief Peter Hojnicki, (front) David Bakker, Loyd Blissmer, John Coughlin and David Taylor.